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Service Dog/ Working Dog Travel Mat

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Color - Black

Dog Travel Mats- Perfect for all Working/Service Animals! Give your pup a clean and familiar spot anywhere you go! 

Some ways we like to use our mats include

  • Working Dogs/Service animals
  • Dog Training- Place Training
  • Boating/Beach Days
  • Restaurant Outings
  • Car Seat Cover
  • Rainy Days/Wet Floors
  • Traveling
Are made out of neoprene with a finished sewn edge. Easily rolls up for carrying over your shoulder or folds up to store in a backpack/bag. Imprinted with fun graphic designs you and your pup will love!

6' leash/carrying strap available to add on!


MD-Approximately 24" x 28" LG- Approximately 24" x 36"

Size Chart