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Mat Sizes

Our WagAround Town Travel Mats are available in a Medium or Large size. They are sized to conveniently fit under most restaurant tables/bar stools or to sit next to you at the beach/park/pool. Also available in a Carrier/Shopping Cart/Stroller Pad size. Use every time when out with your dog to allow for a carefree, relaxed, fun day for both of you.
The WagAround Town Travel Mat was designed to give your dog a safe, cool, clean and comfortable place to hang on while out with you. These are not dog beds, but they can reduce stress and anxiety for your pet by giving them a secure and familiar spot.
    Medium Mat                                             Large Mat
  Approximately 24" x 28"                       Approximately 24" x 36"
Carrier/Shopping Cart/Stroller Pad
Approximately 12" x 18"

How To Use Carrying Leash: