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Charmdana Press Release

Charmdana Press Release

Charmdana Press Release


Introducing Charmdana: The Innovative 100% Natural Rubber Bandana with Holes for Charms and Wag Witty Charms: Express Your Dog's Unique Personality with Playful Charms From Your Dog’s Perspective.

Ft. Lauderdale, 1/31/2024 – We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Charmdana in the New Product Showcase at Global Expo in March 2024. This dog bandana is made from 100% natural rubber and is designed to be an eye catching accessory that adds a touch of whimsy to our furry friends' paw-drobes. The Charmdana has customizable charm holes making every pup stand out from the pack.

The Charmdana is not your ordinary bandana. With 3 adjustable sizes it’s comfortable and gives a secure fit for dogs of all sizes. The 100% rubber material is lightweight, durable, waterproof and has a textured back for ventalation for all day wear. Built to withstand the wildest of zoomies, the muddiest of hikes, and messiest of playdates. Easy to clean with just soap and water you can easily rinse off at the beach or dog park. No more filthy, stained or worn out cloth bandanas that need cutting off at the end of an energetic play day.

Accompanying this innovative accessory are Wag Witty’s, our collection of playful and witty charms with sayings from the dog’s perspective. The Charmdana and Wag Witty’s offer endless possibilities for customization. Dog owners can mix and match charms to create unique combinations that reflect their dog's personality, interests, or special event. Whether it's a playful “Go Fetch It Yourself”, “Wiggle Butt” or “Just Another Day at the Paw-ffice”our charms fit any occasion. The Charmdana and Wag Wittys allow dogs to express themselves in a way that brings joy and smiles to everyone they encounter.

Every pet parent wants to show off their dog and the Charmdana and Wag-Witty charms do just that. The vibrant color bandanas can make a fashoion statement for every holiday, from red for Valentines, Christmas or the 4th of July to orange for Halloween, Thanksgiving or bright summer fun. Adding new colors and seasonal charms these Croc-style bandana’s can create a trendy match with owner’s human Croc shoes. As pet parents love to photograph their dog’s witty moments these are a recipe for viral success.

About WagAround Town: WagAround Town, a family owned business, inspired by the unconditional love between dogs and humans we strive to provide innovative, playful and stylish accessories for dogs. Whether your furry companion is a diva, a goofball or a little bit of both the Charmdana will show off your dog’s individual personality and wit.

For media inquiries, high-resolution images and additional information available upon request please contact: Mindy Wimberley, Founder, wagaroundtown@att.net, 954-554-7065