• Park/Camping/Hiking

    Love exploring with your pup?

    This mat is perfect for all types of outdoor adventures! Give your dog a clean spot to take breaks and refuel.

  • Restaurant/ Bars

    Tired of your dog laying on the dirty floor while out at a restaurant/Bar?

    Well, no more! Give your pup a clean comfortable spot to hang.

  • Cart/Carrier Cover

    Does your dog go to the Famers Market or Store with you?

    Use your travel mat to lay down on your cart or doggie stroller! Also works great to cover car seats or as a carrier liner!

  • Hanging At The Beach Or Pool

    Ground hot/slippery?

    We've got you covered!

    Get your pup a designated spot to sun bathe at the beach or by the pool!

  • Boating

    Gives you pup a cool spot to hangout on the boat! Also a great place to dry off after a swim. Our Mats are quick drying and machine washable for quick clean up!

  • Spot/Place Training

    Our Mats are also a great training tool for dogs of any age! Use at home or away to create a familiar spot to ease anxiety. Great to take to Obedience classes.

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About us!

Our Family has created an easy to carry travel dog mat! You can use it when taking your dog to restaurants, camping/hiking, boating, the park, to cover your car seats and more! It gives your dog a clean, cool, comfortable and familiar spot to hang. It easily dries, machine washable, and sublimated with cute graphics. It rolls up to easily carry with a optional 6’ leash strap or stash it in a backpack.

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